Living Life IconOur Mission

To grow a loving community of active followers of Jesus,

equipped to take his love and message to the world.
There are three parts here to highlight:
  1. At the heart of our mission is a call to follow Jesus actively.  Jesus expected his disciples to follow him – literally to leave home and family and learn a particular way of living by being with him day in and day out. While we don’t have the option of following Jesus in this way, Christianity is more than simply accepting or confessing certain beliefs. We are called to a way of life.
  2. Following Jesus requires – and grows – a community of love. A healthy relationship with God requires us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, back-to-back and face-to-face with others. “Church” is not a building where I go to worship God; the building is a place where the church gathers to love God – and each other. Jesus said they will know us by our love.
  3. Worship is not our target. It’s our launching pad. We believe Jesus can bring healing to the brokenness of our world, and we believe God uses ordinary people like us to do this. So one of our pressing tasks is to equip each other to share his love and message with others.


Our Values

The mission above isn’t unique to us. We believe it’s the mission of every Christian church. But how we will carry it out is unique – and that’s what we mean by our values. Our values tend to set us apart from others. Not that any of our values are unique, but our particular mix does make us different from anyone else.

We’ve only listed a few values here. That’s intentional. We’re not including the values we aspire to or the values that we think all Christians hold to. We really want to give you an accurate snapshot of what you’ll run into if you visit. (And again, we hope you do.)


We’re Hospitable

Hospitable means more than just “we’re friendly.” (Doesn’t everyone say their church is friendly?) It means that we will make a space for you. If you want to be a part of our community, we’ll get to know you. We’ll learn your kids’ names. DSC_0512Find out where you work. Where you’re from. It might feel a bit nosey at times, but we don’t mean it to be. We figure you’re at our small town church because you want to be known.

We’re also going to ask you to get involved. We believe it’s the best way to get to know you – and for you to get to know us. And we may even ask you to be a part of our leadership. In fact, of those currently serving on our leadership board, half didn’t grow up in our community and over half didn’t grow up Reformed. We appreciate fresh leadership with new ideas.



We’re Young at Heart

We’re actually a pretty fair mix of young and old, and one of the best gifts we give our youth is friendships and experiences with multiple generations. But we give priority to our youth.

Some Sundays, you’ll hear drums and electric guitars during our worship services (and they’re played by some of our youth) because we want them to worship with songs they can identify with – not just the hymns we grew up with. For over three decades, we’ve been LR edits-145committed to our Wednesday night God’s Kids Club, and many parents in our community bring their children even if they don’t attend worship on Sunday. We were the first church in our area to support Campus Life, and we are proud of our youth pastor and youth volunteers. Also the biggest item in our mission budget is a week-long trip to an Indian Reservation in White Earth, MN, where our high school and college students direct a VBS program in two different communities and tackle some work projects.

We don’t believe our youth are the future of our church. (Many will move away from Firth and never return.) Rather, we believe our youth are the church of today.


2nd sillyWe Engage Everyone

For us, believing is always active. There’s always something to do or somewhere to go. And there’s always room for growth. We encourage everyone to take ownership of their faith – to partner with what the Holy Spirit is doing in and around them. So we like to create opportunities for everyone to engage with prayer, scripture and with each other. Sometimes, this looks like a six-week session of small groups. Other times we may read through the same book of the Bible together devotionally. Whatever it is, we try to include as many people as we can – seniors, parents and children, teens, singles.


There’s something else about this value you should know. Our engagement with God and with each other is changing. Sunday morning is no longer exclusively the place we connect with God and each other.  While we hope you can connect on Sunday morning, we are encouraging connection on Wednesday, Saturdays, or any time that works. We’re committed to learning new ways of engaging and staying connected. We are experimenting with new programs, new technologies, and new resources. We know some of these experiments are going to fail and that’s okay. What we can’t do is stop trying to engage with God, each other and our world.